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Organic farming the way to go, farmers told

Francis Ngiri and Beatrice Mwangi who have been in the forefront in advocating for organic farming calling on the need to sensitize more farmers on the same.

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The Exhibition.PHOTO/Pristone Mambili.

Farmers in Nakuru County have been urged to embrace organic farming as a way avert numerous diseases brought about by consumption of food concentrated with chemicals.

Speaking in Gilgil town over the weekend during a famers’ exhibition on organic farming,Samson Ngugi from Slow Food Kenya noted that lifestyle diseases have continued to affect many Kenyans due to chemicals in food.

He called on farmers to start engaging in organic farming to help address the same.

Slow Food Kenya is a member partner of Participatory Ecological Land Use Management  Kenya (PELUM Kenya).

“We are here to sensitize on the need to ensure good,clean and fair food for everyone through organic farming” said Ngugi.

This even as Slow Food Kenya has come up with Farmers Market Project to ensure farmers are not exploited by brockers.

Under the Project,Ngugi says farmers are able to meet directly with consumers.

“We want to ensure farmers welfare and that is why we continue to ensure proper food sothat we can have a better generation” he said.

Similar sentiments echoed by Elphas Masanga who is the Coordinator Slow Food Youth Network.

Masanga notes that if Kenyans will not change their way on food safety,they will end up with diseases that will cost them.

“We have a scenario where Kenyans at not concerned with what they eat,they end with diseases occasioned by chemicals.We have had several cases and that is why we say let’s ensure farming free of chemicals” he said.

Ms Ikande Kileo from Slow Food Tanzania on her part stating the need to empower small scale farmers.

Kileo reiterates the need to embrace organic farming to avert some chronic diseases.

“Chronic diseases can be a thing of past if we embrace organic farming” she said.

Francis Ngiri and Beatrice Mwangi who have been in the forefront in advocating for organic farming calling on the need to sensitize more farmers on the same.

Ngiri-a member of Makongo Organic Farmers Group lauds Slow Food Kenya and PELUM Kenya  for their effort in ensuring indigenous farming without use of chemicals.

He noted that the knowledge gained is key in transforming Agriculture at grassroot level

“If we can embrace this type of farming where no chemicals are used,then we shall have addressed the issues of diseases as well as food security ” he said

On her part Ms mwangi notes that Farmers’ empowerment is key.

She says organic farming has also empowered her economically.

“We are ambassadors of organic farming at grassroot level and we have seen fruits” she said.

Rift/Western Kenya Region Coordinator for Participatory Ecological Land Use Management(PELUM Kenya) Beth Omae says organic farming is key.

PELUM Kenya which was the key sponsor of the Exhibition has been encouraging farmers to do organic farming.

Ms Omae is however quick to note that there is also need to do organic market so that the farmers can have their products sold with help of the Organic Market Forum.

“We always encourage farmers to do organic farming but then what about the Market?That’s why we have the Organic Market Forum” she said.

PELUM Kenya has been in existence since 1995.

Currently working with 57 member organizations and 10 million farmers across the country.

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Murindat Ward aspirant cries foul over issuance of Jubilee certificates

“I want to let them know that whether I’m in County assembly or not I will still fight for justice” said Gitonga.

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Human rights defender Moses Ngatia Gitonga.PHOTO/Courtesy.
An aspirant who has been key in defending rights in Nakuru and Nation as a whole has cried foul over the issuance of Jubilee party tickets in Nakuru county.

Moses Ngatia Gitonga commonly known as Mtetezi among locals for his activism work has been vocal in defending land rights.

He has been in corridors of justice severally trying to secure public land from salivating land grabbers.

The most notable case he has been pursuing is the one of Leleshwa in which he accuses some individuals among the political class of trying to invade land meant for public utilities.

The case saw the Senate committee on Land visit the area, but shockingly, three years down the line the report of the committee is yet to be released.

Another case was that where individuals had invaded land belonging to TTI Gilgil in which Gitonga’s petition saw the land reclaimed.

This and many more fights against injustices are what he feels was the reason why his name was shortchanged and the Jubilee party ticket for Murindat Ward in Gilgil handed to his competitor despite him(Gitonga) having met all the requirements.

Gitonga pointed an accusing finger at some high profile individuals in the county government of Nakuru for having a hand in his political plight.

“For those who know me very well, I have been in the forefront in fighting cartels in the Ministry of Lands and National Land Commission. Could this be the reason they fear me getting to the Assembly because e will mobilize and fight corruption and land grabbers?” questioned Gitonga.

The former Military officer believes in justice and says despite all the obstacles, he will soldier on. While sounding a stern warning to land grabbers, Gitonga stated that his call to ensure a just society cannot be compromised.

“I want to let them know that whether I’m in County assembly or not I will still fight for justice,” said Gitonga.

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Governor Kinyanjui: Molo, Gilgil towns set for major growth with status change

Upon elevation, Gilgil and Molo will become the third and fourth town to be Municipalities after Nakuru, and Naivasha. Nakuru County is the pioneer of the upgrade of towns to Municipalities and a Municipality to a city under the 2010 Constitution.

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Governor Lee Kinyanjui (right) receives the report conferment of Municipal status to Gilgil town from the chairman of the ad-hoc committee Mr Kahiga Waitindi. Photo/Suleiman Mbatiah

Nakuru County’s Molo and Gilgil towns are set to enjoy immense urban infrastructure development through increased funding to improve businesses and living conditions and attract investors once elevated into Municipalities.

Governor Lee Kinyanjui, while receiving reports of ad-hoc committees on the conferment of municipal status to Molo and Gilgil towns, said the towns are expected to be conferred the Municipality status, with an award of a Charter in May.

The report will be forwarded to the County Assembly of Nakuru for debate, and if approved, Section 9 of the Urban Areas and Cities Act empowers the Governor, on the resolution of the Assembly, to confer the towns the status of a Municipality by the grant of a Charter in the prescribed form.

Nakuru County Attorney, Kaleb Nyamwange, said this comes barely three months after Nakuru Municipality was awarded the City status charter by President Uhuru Kenyatta, a move that has started attracting investors into the region.

Mr Kahiga Waitindi, the chairman of the ad-hoc committee on the conferment of Municipal status to Gilgil town, said his team extensively looked into the heritage and diversity of the region and its growth potential and need for government interventions.

His Molo town counterpart, Mr Simon Matiri said his team collected views from all relevant sectors and did site visits to ascertain elevation suitability before unanimously endorsing the award of the Municipality status.

Under the Urban Areas and Cities Act, a town can be elevated into a municipality if it has a population of at least 50,000 residents. According to the 2019 census conducted by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, Gilgil has a population of 185,209 residents while Molo has 156,732 people.

The two towns also met other key requirements, such as the ability to generate enough revenue to adequately fulfil its responsibilities to deliver key services to its residents, enough spaces for expansion, presence overall framework to guide its development among others.

Upon elevation, Gilgil and Molo will become the third and fourth town to be Municipalities after Nakuru, and Naivasha. Nakuru County is the pioneer of the upgrade of towns to Municipalities and a Municipality to a city under the 2010 Constitution.

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My life is in danger, widow of former DCI Boss narrates

She expressed fear that some of Mzee Karanus siblings have hatched a plot to eliminate her and lock her out of the succession course.

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The late former DCI boss Edward Karanu.PHOTO/Ngure

A widow of the former director of criminal investigations the late George Edward Karanu claims her life is in danger after suspected hired goods invaded her hotel in the outskirts of Nakuru and made away with property of unknown value.

Nancy Wangui Karanu claims the goons were in the company of one of her stepsons when they invaded Dayton Hotel located at the Eastgate area in Gilgil sub-county late last month.

Wangui who spoke to journalists at her farm claimed she was locked up in the kitchen as the goons carried away various items among them electronics and beverages before removing the main door to the hotel.

” I watched in disbelief as the goons numbering about 30 caused damage to my property,” Wangui said.

Until his death in December 2019, the former CID boss during Mzee Jomo Kenyatta’s reign jointly ran the hotel together with his wife Wangui.

Wangui took over the management of the hotel immediately after his death, but a management row ensued over the management of his massive wealth spread across the country.

The hotel stands on land measuring over 800 acres and is subject to an ongoing succession case.

The widow said that since the hotel invasion, she has been seeking refuge from neighbours after she was warned against visiting her home.

She expressed fear that some Mzee Karanu’s siblings have hatched a plot to eliminate her and lock her out of the succession course.

” I declined to sign an inheritance proposal drafted by my stepson, this is the move to harass me.” Wangui lamented.

She questioned why his stepson Joseph Kangethe Karanu was ignoring a court order issued by a Nakuru court on 22nd February 2022 restraining him from interfering with the farm.

Kangethe was released on a Kshs 200,000 bond or Kshs 100,000 cash bail after he was arrested and charged in connection with creating a disturbance and malicious damage.

The court further directed that he be reporting to Elementaita police station every two days, failure to which his bond terms would be cancelled.

The order in suit number E076 of 2022 was issued by Nakuru Principal magistrate Yvonne Inyama, where Kang’ethe was further ordered to cooperate with police throughout the investigations.

Yesterday the widow was escorted to her farm by armed police officers but was denied entry by her son before police intervened.

She accused the son of threatening and insulting her, adding that she will not relent in pursuing justice.

Three of her husband’s top of range vehicles were reportedly taken away by her stepson three weeks ago.

While calling on the government to offer her security, Wangui pointed out that she was willing to abide by the decision of the court when the ongoing succession case comes to an end.

She has over 30 dairy cattle, sheep and goats in the over 800 acres extensive Karanu farm.

Wangui explained that she foots all bills incurred on the farm and has employed several farmhands to manage her livestock.

A disturbed Wangui pointed out that it was against the Agikuyu tradition and customs for a child to insult her parents, as it had happened in her case.

The late Karanu was survived by three widows namely Mary Wanini, Rahab Wambui, Beatrice Mbaire and Nancy Wangui.

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